Wonder of Science Essay

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The Wonder of Science Essay –  English Essay

  The Wonder of Science Essay: Essay on Wonders of Science for Children and Students

Essay on Science: Today’s science is a real fantasy and works for humans. With this science, every human being has fulfilled his dreams and by making nature his cherry, he has started realizing the beautiful images of heaven on the earth itself. Today he has given man infinite power and removed the barriers of time and space by many scientific instruments, dazzled the eyes in the dark with electric light, gave eyes to the blind, gave hearing power to the deaf, gave longevity of life, and made many vaccines to cure extraordinary diseases. man has conquered and discovered many secrets of nature.

Today, Man is the master of land, water, and sky only with the strength of science. The achievements of science in all fields are astonishing like Entertainment, Education, Agriculture, Transport, Industry, Business, Telecommunication, etc. Achievements in the field of transport, from the bicycle to speedy airplanes and rockets, have made the whole world one nation. In earlier times when it used to take hours to travel, today it can be reached in minutes. Now Man has started realizing the dreams of reaching the human to the moon, Venus, Mars, and other planets as well. 

Science has proved that it can fulfill all wishes of humans by cutting the mountain, making a road, ripping the flow of rivers, ripping the sea, and flying into space. science is like the genie of Alladin (human) which could fulfill his wishes.

Science has achieved amazing success in the field of medicine. Achievements like X-Ray radium, and heart transplant plastic surgery ultra have given life to human beings.

In the field of entertainment, inventions like cinema, and television have made human life convenient and enjoyable. Radio, telephone, fax, mobile, e-mail, internet, etc. have completed the quote to make the dream of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ come true. An incident that happened in any part of the world reaches the whole world in a few moments. In the field of industry and business, giant machines are engaged day and night in gathering human facilities. 

Today computers have started doing the work that was done by the human brain in previous times. This science, which is proving to be auspicious in various fields of life, is also proving to be a curse for human beings. Nuclear weapons pose a danger of destruction to the entire human race. two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are been affected by the Nuclear explosion.

The devastation caused by the atomic bomb dropped by America on Hiroshima and  Nagasaki is the perfect example of science is also very dangerous if not handled properly(Science and its mechanical progress have made man materialistic and inert. Excessive use of machines has increased the problem of unemployment. 

The feeling of disbelief towards God and religion is also the result of science. Due to the race for scientific arms, the world’s Unrest, hatred, and mutual enmity are increasing. Today man is not only a slave of machines, he himself has become rooted like a machine and is moving away from human values.

one thing is also that there is no fault of poor science in making science a curse. Those who misuse the use of science for their own benefit are the people who are making science a curse. In fact, science is an obedient servant, who can do anything for the happiness, prosperity, and welfare of human beings. The need today is that there should be coordination between politics and moral values ​​and religion and science so that this unprecedented power can be used only as a boon.
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