Yes I am a Teacher by Sarika Setia

Yes, I  am  just a teacher 

Yes I am just a teacher 

Trying to shape your future, 

Working for 10 to 12 hours for my children 

Make them understand every lesson, 

Without rest trying to give my best

Always calm and honest. 

Yes, I am just a teacher 

From classroom to zoom 

Trying to find best room, 

Google and YouTube I go through 

While my coffee I brew, 

No outing, no entertainment 

Just assignment and assignment. 

Yes I am just a teacher 

From chalk and marker to smartphone Giving you my best zone, 

Having a sigh of relaxation 

Only after completing the session. 

Yes I am just a teacher

Family, friends forgotten 

Expecting the high cotton, 

Demand curve flatten

Issues trying to batten, 

Moulds change regularly 

Audios, videos move angularly

Yes I am just a teacher

By Sarika Setia β€œA Teacher”. 

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10 thoughts on “Yes I am a Teacher by Sarika Setia”

  1. Very well explained πŸ‘
    Being..just a teacher.. you hold n mould future of world in form of children πŸ’
    Society is always thankful to teachersπŸ™


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