ZOOTOPIA-2021 A National Level Open Design Competition for Designing a Zoo Interpretation Centre in India

ZOOTOPIA-2021 is an attempt to involve the creative minds of our nation in the exercise to bridge
the gap between multi-disciplinary fields of architecture, design and zoo management. The aim is to
generate awareness about the conservation of wild animals, their habitat, all aspects of captive animal welfare
and zoo ecosystem
in the development sector. It is an open design competition which aligns with our
honorable Prime Minister’s vision of an Atmanirbhar Bharat by promoting the indigenous talents of the
country and providing the young students a national-level platform to showcase their creativity.

Who can apply for the Challenge? 

 Basic Eligibility:

• The challenge is open to students (in teams) from the field of architecture, design, planning,
architectural conservation, interior design, urban design, museum design, etc.

• Team size may vary from 3 to a maximum of 5 members. May form a multidisciplinary team (but not

• The competition is open to Indian nationals only. 

 Student Competence:

• Participants can be currently enrolled students of Bachelor’s degree such as B.Arch. / B.Plan / B.Des.

• Graduated B.Arch/ B.Plan/ B.Des not before April 2019 OR presently pursuing Master’s degree such as
M.Arch/ M.Plan/ M.Des/ OR Master’s in Environmental/ Animal and Social Science

• Students registered/ currently enrolled in a course under Council of Architecture, IUDI, ITPI, ISOLA, etc 

About the Challenge
To design an Interpretation Centre
1 at par with global standards, by reusing the existing heritage building
at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, Mysuru Karnataka. The proposed design of the Interpretation
Centre should aim to transform the visit into an experiential learning opportunity, enhancing and enriching
the experience by providing information on wildlife and wild habitats through a variety of media:

• Signages (sensory and technology enabled)
• Exhibits (diorama, three dimensional models of animals either in miniature or large scale)

• 2D panels (led tv screens) or 3D panels

• Innovative technologies

• Innovative interpretation and storytelling with KEY focus on Environment conservation 

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Application Process 

1. The application for the challenge will only be accepted through the AIM-CZA Challenge portal
(aimapp2.aim.gov.in/zoo/) and no physical application will be accepted or required. 

2. Design Proposal: A single A1 sheet in JPEG format (120 DPI Resolution). The file size must not exceed 5

The Design Proposal must include the following required drawings (but are not limited to): 

• Concept plan that illustrates the idea behind the design idea.

• Detailed floor plans (Ground floor and first floor) to demonstrate the interior spatial layouts
and program (1:200)

• Elevations and sections must demonstrate materials, texture and the color (1:200)

• Three-dimensional representation explaining the design which can display the major spatial
arrangement of the proposal. Specifically, a perspective of the interior space.

• The design proposal must include interpretative strategies that can be both digital and nondigital.

• Detailed drawings that can illustrate the innovative details and cohesive features of the design.

• Summary: Comprising of the above (only in English language; max 500 words)

• Estimate of proposal is required (broad costing not detailed). 

3. Video: 1 min video/process explaining the proposal in MP4 format. The file size must not exceed 20
MB. The video must include a walkthrough or perspectives and montages which can showcase the design
For any query please reach out to aim.challenges@gov.in


Competition Files 


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